A Fresh Start

09/03/10 Today is September 3, 2010 and I have began my third year in Mr. Turtola’s English.  I have successfully set up and organized my blog page where all my efforts while be published.  With the new year will come new ambitions, and with new ambitions will come hard work.  I am going to bring forth every effort I have this year to strive to be the best student I can be. HARD-WORK

What it do Mitta T

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Table of Contents

a. Alice in wonderland

          I. The Parody of Jabberwocky

          II. The Literary Elements Wiki Project

B.  Sonnet Project


          I. Reading Log

          II. Voice Thread Presentations

D. Literary History Project

          I. Classical Period

                     1.  Bibliography

                    2. Powerpoint

                    3. Antigone

                                  a.answers to Prologue,  Scenes 1-5 and Exodus


          II. Medieval Period

                    1. Bibliography

                    2. Powerpoint

                     3. Your Canterbury Tale


          III.  Restoration Period

                    1. Bibliography

                    2. Powerpoint

         IV. Modern/Post Modern Period

                    1. Bibliography

                    2. Powerpoint

                    3. Short Story Critiques